caffe macinato per moka in 2 bustine monodose per una e tre tazze con etichetta armonia miscela 70% arabica e 30% robusta e una moka nera dietro e un disco di legno con il caffe macinato
bustina monodose di caffe miscela arabica e robusta di monorigini che viene tagliate  con sfondo una moka
bustina monodose di caffè macinato miscela arabica e robusta monorigini e il caffe macinato viene versato nel filtro della moka e sfondo la moka
Armonia Blend Coffee - Arabica 70% and Robusta 30% - Sachet

Armonia Blend Coffee - Arabica 70% and Robusta 30% - Sachet

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CHARACTERISTICS: Particularly balanced, with a sweet and aromatic taste, with hints of flowers, dried fruit, delicate chocolate and exquisite pastry. With its excellent body it is suitable for those looking for a superior quality coffee.

Blend of only Arabica and Robusta plantation coffees, electronically selected bean by bean, certified by the CSC® Certified Special Coffee Association.

To become part of this blend, our beans must pass 2 selections. The first made in the countries of origin and the second made by us, through an optical-electronic sorting machine that discards those lighter or darker beans that could alter the taste of the coffee in the cup. Guarantee for a consistency of results.



  • from 1 cup you use a 7g sachet.
  • of 3 cups, a 15g sachet is used.
  • 6 cups use 2 sachets of 15g.

French Press

  • with 125ml / g of water a 7g sachet is used.
  • with 250ml / g. of water a 15g sachet is used.
  • with 500ml / g. of water 2 sachets of 15g are used.

Infusion filter

  • follows the doses of the French Press


- COUNTRY: Brazil Sul de Minas Capoeirinha

- COUNTRY: El Salvador La Libertad San Louis

- COUNTRY: Guatemala Santa Rosa El Hato Blu


- COUNTRY: India Plantation Kodagu Fairland

- COUNTRY: India Parchment Anamalais Manananboli