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Golden Dragon Leaf Yellow Tea - Corn Fiber Filter

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Yellow tea (Chinese 黃 茶; pinyin: huángchá) is a Chinese green tea that has undergone post-enzymatic fermentation. The finest green teas are sometimes called yellow teas. After roasting and light pressing, the leaves are collected in small piles and covered with a damp cloth, then left for twenty hours at a humidity of between 80 and 90%. They remain like this until they oxidize, then they are subjected to a short drying.

Fabulous Yellow Tea, coming from the Yunnan mountains at an altitude of about 1200mt. A farmer friend of ours produces small quantities following the tradition. The Yellow Tea on our list, a new farmer friend of ours produces it exactly as we were looking for it, without any use of chemistry and respect for nature. A tea that respects all the characteristics of this category. Really good, with hints of chocolate and honey.

Tea stabilized and left to rest with residual heat and moisture. In English Yellow Tea, from the Chinese huangcha 黄 茶 (Yellow Tea). It is a variation of the processing of green teas with the addition of a "yellowing" phase (menhuang 闷 黄). Nominally it is a slightly post-fermented tea, but it often has a very low degree of oxidation. Production is limited to some areas of China.


  • Category: Yellow Tea
  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Taste: Strong with hints of chocolate, it recalls the notes of Black Tea.
  • Color: Orange yellow
  • Ingredients: Leaf tea
  • Preparation: It is recommended to use spring water. Leaf washing is not required.
  • Temperature: 80 ° C - 85 ° C.
  • Infusion time: 50-60 seconds
  • Number of infusions: up to 2-3 infusions.
  • Quantity: 1 BioFilter per cup.
  • Tips: Tea to drink at any time, excellent alongside savory or sweet snacks.
  • Packaging: 20 BioFilters (40g Net)