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Puerh Leaf Tea with Ginger - Corn Fiber Filter

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Our Puerh with Ginger, studied and blended to give the maximum of antioxidants and promote digestion. Ginger known for millennia is part of the diet of many cultures where it is used for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, combined with Puerh it offers the maximum of its benefits. Good to drink throughout the day.

Puerh is certainly considered the most drunk and known tea in China. It is undoubtedly a tea with strong healing properties and is particularly suitable for facilitating digestion, reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and counteracting the effect of excessive alcohol intake. We recommend drinking it with meals to facilitate digestion and decrease the absorption of fats in the blood. It has great benefits on the entire gastrointestinal tract. All types of Pu'er tea come from máochá (毛茶), an oxidized green tea made from a large-leaved variety of Camellia Sinensis native to the mountains in southern Yunnan. There are two categories of Puerh, the raw type (shēng 生) and the seasoned type (shú 熟). The "shú" type refers to those varieties that have gone through a post-induced fermentation process, while the "shēng" type are green varieties that naturally continue the fermentation process by simply following the seasons and exposure to environmental elements where they are kept from. This tea in both its forms (shēng 生 or shú 熟) undergoes secondary oxidation or fermentation caused both by organisms growing in the tea and by the oxidation of free radicals, making it different from other types of tea. A true medicine that can help us prevent and fight many degenerative pathologies of our health.



  • Category: Black Puerh Tea
  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Flavor: Undergrowth, wet earth, ginger.
  • Color: Dark, orange reflections
  • Ingredients: Leaf tea, Dehydrated ginger.
  • Preparation: It is advisable to use spring water, it can be prepared in a glass tea with 2 or more sachets according to personal taste, or directly in a cup with a sachet.
  • Temperature: 90 ° C.
  • Infusion time: 2 minutes
  • Number of infusions: Up to 3/4 infusions.
  • Quantity: 1 BioFilter per cup.
  • Packaging: 20 BioFilters (40g Net)