cialda di te pressato avvolto da una carta bianca con fascia centrale rossa e descrizione del tè appoggiato sopra piedistallo nero

Puerh Leaf Tea Wild Forest Green Cake - Pressed Leaf Tea

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Another Jewel of our Selection. This unique tea comes from the pristine forests of Jingmai, Yunnan, a very famous place for the production of the best Puerh Teas. The flavor is fresh, slightly floral but complex. A green Puerh that retains part of the enzymes and acquires body and aromas over time, which is why it is excellent for aging. It is not cultivated, it grows spontaneously in the forest and comes from centuries-old trees. The binders use ladders to reach the most tender leaves. Connoisseurs

 Puerh is a tea considered medicinal by traditional Chinese medicine. It is certainly the most drunk tea in China. It has strong protective and healing properties on the gastrointestinal system. It facilitates digestion, inhibits the absorption of fats in the blood and helps keep the cholesterol level low. Eliminates excess sugars for this reason it is indicated for those with high blood sugar problems. It is considered the scavenger of the blood because it helps eliminate toxins that are assimilated with food. Particularly recommended hot during meals. Definitely a drink to be included in the everyday diet. It can be drunk throughout the day. Our Puerh has a low caffeine content, a sweet and round taste, pleasant on the palate. Produced from organic crops where pesticides and synthetic chemicals are not used. Puerh tea originates from Yunnan in China. It has been cultivated in this area for about four thousand years and is certainly the most mysterious tea among all the Chinese varieties. It has a pronounced earthy aroma and flavor and is one of the few teas that improves with aging. Like wine, it can be found aged for decades, with very high costs. All types of Pu'er tea come from máochá (毛茶), an oxidized green tea made from a large-leaved variety of Camellia Sinensis native to the mountains in southern Yunnan. There are two categories of Puerh, the raw type (shēng 生) and the seasoned type (shú 熟). The "shú" type refers to those varieties that have gone through a post-induced fermentation process, while the "shēng" type are green varieties that naturally continue the fermentation process by simply following the seasons and exposure to environmental elements where they are kept from. This tea in both its forms (shēng 生 or shú 熟) undergoes secondary oxidation or fermentation caused both by organisms growing in the tea and by the oxidation of free radicals, making it different from other types of tea. A true medicine that can help us prevent and fight many degenerative pathologies of our health.



  • Taste: Delicate, slightly floral, with notes of undergrowth and sweet. Balanced, it leaves a fresh and persistent aroma in the mouth.
  • Color: Luminescent golden yellow.
  • Ingredients: Tea Leaves.
  • Preparation: It is recommended to use spring water. The washing of the leaves must be very fast. The use of glass or porcelain teapots is recommended.
  • Temperature: 85 ° C - 90 ° C
  • Infusion time: 2 minutes for the first 2 infusions, the following ones add about 30/40 seconds.
  • Number of infusions: Up to 8/10 infusions
  • Quantity: 2 / 3g for 200 / 250cc of water
  • Suggestions: a tea for all hours of the day. Excellent to drink hot during meals or accompanied by delicate desserts. Very rich in antioxidants. In order not to alter the beneficial properties and the original flavor, it is advisable not to add milk, lemon, sugar or honey